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Need More Phones at Your Business? Call VoiceNEXT Today!

Is your NJ business’s phone ringing off the hook? Need a better solution to keep up with all the calls? VoiceNEXT is ready to dial-in on the phone solution your business needs. Read on to learn how VoiceNEXT can rapidly scale to meet your business’s demands:

Total Scalability

Are you adding employees to handle your increase in calls? Do you have a seasonal business where demand fluctuates? Our phone system is completely scalable and flexible based on your needs. Easily add or remove phones in minutes to meet increasing demand. When things wind down, simply remove phones as needed and decrease your costs!

Custom Call Flow Solutions

If you are not ready to grow your team but need to find more time to take your calls, utilize our intuitive call flow solutions:

  • Ring Groups: Ring one, all, or specific phones for a specified duration before having calls flow to another phone or ring group. This will allow your first-level team to answer first. If they are busy, the caller will be sent to the next set of available agents.

  • Enhanced Ring Groups (ERG): Like our standard ring group, enhanced ring groups allow you to specify which phones to ring and when, but with even more flexibility. An ERG will let you specify different calling patterns during different days or times of the day. It also allows agents to log in and out to take calls when necessary and will even play periodic announcements to your callers and announce hold times when your operation is too busy.

  • Auto Attendant: Our auto attendants allow you to create a professional custom greeting for your callers and automatically route them to ring groups, a dial-by-name directory, answering services, and much more based on your needs.

VoiceNEXT Call Center

If your business has completely outgrown your conventional phone system, we offer our call center solution. Our full-feature call center can take as many calls as necessary and will give your team the tools required to handle them while keeping your clients happy and informed. Some features of our call center include:

  • Agent & Supervisor Application: Monitor agents and call queues in real-time, track an agent's performance, and generate detailed statistics to maximize productivity.
  • Call Center Wallboard: Provides real-time information for all your calls and agents. Keeps agents informed of all calling activities while allowing them to remain focused.
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD): ACD helps keep customers from hanging up by routing incoming calls to agents with the most suitable skill-set to assist the caller.

Partner with VoiceNEXT—Your Next Phone Company

Ready to grow your business and manage your calls? Get in touch with us today! We're here to help you seamlessly manage your business phone needs.

With VoiceNEXT, you get these features and more:


Communicate more effectively with our Hosted PBX system, and set up meetings without switching applications. Our system provides easy access to information, faster decision making, and superior quality.


YourNEXT Phones

VoiceNEXT will save you up to 80% over the cost of other new systems with features unheard of with traditional phone systems.

Award Winning Customer Support

We’re the friendly experts in VoIP for business, let us help you every step of the way. Dial only one key and get our 24/7/365 Live-Answer support.

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