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Don’t Let Winter Weather Cause Your Business to Miss Calls

Has winter weather caused your business to miss important phone calls? VoiceNEXT will keep your operation connected through whatever the season throws your way!

Our cloud-based business phone systems are not subject to the same disruptions or outages that traditional landline systems may experience during the worst snowstorms. VoiceNEXT’s unique network architecture includes local and geographic redundancy, meaning your phone system and communications data is safely stored and operated from multiple locations throughout the country. What’s more, our datacenters are backed by their own redundant internet and power infrastructure, keeping you connected through whatever mother nature has to offer.

What happens if your business loses power or internet? VoiceNEXT offers a full suite of tools to keep you operational should your business lose connectivity:

  • Communicator App Send your team home and let them take their calls from their smart phone or computer. Our app will mirror their desktop extension and let them work from anywhere they have internet
  • Flexible Call Forwarding Let VoiceNEXT send your calls to another office or phone number. Just because your office is offline doesn’t mean your calls need to be missed.
  • SMS Messaging – Keep your employees and customers informed of weather-related closures with an SMS blast.
  • Fax to Email With fax to email, there is no need to be at your office to receive those vital faxes. Check your faxes from anywhere you have email access.
  • Failover Routing Be prepared by having a phone number pre-configured should winter weather impact your office. Calls can be automatically routed to another number the second your power or internet goes down.

So don’t let a debilitating winter storm knock out your business’s phone system this year. Partner with VoiceNEXT and rest easy knowing your business will stay connected—no matter what the weather throws at you. Contact us today!


With VoiceNEXT, you get these features and more:


Communicate more effectively with our Hosted PBX system, and set up meetings without switching applications. Our system provides easy access to information, faster decision making, and superior quality.


YourNEXT Phones

VoiceNEXT will save you up to 80% over the cost of other new systems with features unheard of with traditional phone systems.

Award Winning Customer Support

We’re the friendly experts in VoIP for business, let us help you every step of the way. Dial only one key and get our 24/7/365 Live-Answer support.

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