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Hot-Desking: The Ideal Solution for Hybrid Workplaces

Hot-Desking, sometimes called “hoteling,” is simply the ability to login into any phone on your VoiceNEXT system and have your extension profile, settings, and voicemail populated on that device. After a preset duration of time, or when you manually log out, the phone goes back into a neutral state until the next person logs in.


Hot-Desking is the ideal solution for the modern hybrid workplace. It allows your business to create a flexible coworking space, giving your employees the freedom to commute to the most convenient office, and to whichever workstation they please, on any given day. Best of all, it gives you the ability to hire remote workers without a major upfront investment in telephone hardware. Rather than purchasing a telephone for every employee, you can simply buy a few phones for your hot-desking workstations and allow employees to rotate in and out as they attend the office in person.


Additionally, anecdotal evidence has shown that hot-desking in coworking spaces increases employee engagement, productivity, and creativity! Beyond the cost savings and convenience, shared spaces give your team a fresh work environment and new faces to interact with, increasing happiness and motivation.


Contact VoiceNEXT today to learn more about hot-desking and our entire suite of features tailored to remote and hybrid workplaces.

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